Led Zeppelin, 1969. 

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Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell singing “Hunger Strike” at Lollapalooza. September 8, 1992. (Pt. 1)


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I’ll say your prayers

I’ll take your side

I’ll find us a way

to make light

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Kurt Cobain wrote “Polly” after reading a newspaper article about the abduction, torture and rape in June 1987 of a 14-year-old girl by Gerald Arthur Friend; Friend had picked her up near the Tacoma Dome in his car after she had attended a rock concert. She was able to earn his trust and sympathy by convincing him she enjoyed it. She managed to escape when he stopped for gas. She got out of the vehicle and made a scene attracting attention from surrounding people.

"Polly" was released 24 years ago today, september 24th

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Eddie Vedder kisses Layne Staley’s cheek. 

Interview at R.I.P Magazine 5th Anniversary Party 1991 (x)

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MTV ‘Singles’ Party, 1992. Never gets old.

It was a disaster, a total disaster. - Stone Gossard

I won’t watch that. I actually have more memories than you’d think I would have. - Eddie Vedder

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Lollapalooza,September 1992

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Lollapalooza,September 1992

myy godd

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Talking Heads , in the early years 

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